Run Drills & Dynamic Warm Up

Alan Couzens, M.S. (Sports Science)

Dec 16th, 2015

Dynamic Warm Up - Run

1. Dynamic Quad Stretch

2. High Knee Grab

3. Lunge & Reach

Note: Alternatively - Raise only the opposite arm to the forward leg & alternate as you go

4. Tip Toe Walk w/Leg Cradle

5. Cross-over Lunge

6. Hurdle Walk

Note: Actual hurdles are optional :-)

7. 'Zombie Walk' (Dynamic hamstring)

8 Spiderman Lunge

Or more advanced - Spiderman Crawl

9. Dynamic Calf Stretch

Can also be done actively walking the legs in (& then the hands out) as a moving 'inchworm' exercise

Run Drills

1. Single leg arm swing

Stabilizers engaged, hips level, while keeping core tight, use the arms swing to drive your weight into the ground

2. Ankling

3. Pogo Stick

4. Quick feet to stride

Note: In the absence of partner you can do the 'high knee' quick feet to stride against a resistance band looped around a soccerpost or similar. Set the lean with a strong core & tempo then drop the band and 'fall into' a stride

5. High Knee Skip

Focus is minimal ground contact time

6. Butt Kicks

Note: Can also be done with rhythm variations e.g. 6 jog steps/1 butt kick, 6-2 etc.


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