I offer a very limited number of one-to-one coaching slots for serious athletes that I match well with.

While I use the term "elite coaching", these slots aren't necessarily reserved for professional athletes/those racing in the elite class. Rather, elite, to me, refers to the commitment to a big goal. That "elite" goal could be anything from losing 50 pounds and completing your first Ironman, to qualifying for Kona, to becoming the Ironman World Champion! The larger point being that it is a big, challenging, goal that will require absolute commitment, that you are willing and able to give. And, most importantly, that the goal is challenging enough that we're both excited & passionate about it!

My rates for elite coaching are $475/mo. This includes a completely customized training plan designed around your unique physiology and your goal and unlimited communication with me, your coach.

If the above sounds like you & you think we might be a good match, send me a message below and tell me about your big goal!

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