Personalized, HRV-Guided Training Plans

A customized training plan that responds to your physiology & your life!

"The principle of individuality: No two individuals will respond to the same training plan in the same way"

If we accept the above, then "canned" training plans are a complete waste of your time and money! Now, for about the same price as a typical static plan, you can have a completely customized plan that responds to changes in your physiology and your life!

For just $20/week (billed mthly), each week I will pull your morning HRV & wellness metrics along with your training data from the previous week and post a fresh week's worth of workouts to your Training Peaks account designed specificially for you - based on your goals, your unique physiology, your current recovery state and your availability for the coming week!

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Terms & Conditions

How does it work?

1. Let me know your availability for the coming week

Each week you'll be able to edit your schedule to let me know your hourly availability for each day and any sport restrictions for that day. I'll take this schedule into account when posting your workouts for the coming week.

You can edit this as often as you like, weekly if needed! In this way, your training plan will always work with your life schedule rather than stressing you out trying to 'squeeze things in'

2. Complete your TrainingPeaks metrics each morning

All athletes have different recovery profiles in response to the same workout. In order to ensure that you're adapting optimally, I will take your morning metrics into account when planning each week.

Note: If you are using ithlete as your HRV app, the majority of these metrics will come across automatically to TrainingPeaks if you have your account synced. This makes things super easy!

3. Upload your training files to TrainingPeaks, along with your subjective feedback for each workout (smileys & RPE)

I will take into account not only your HRV and subjective metrics each week, but also your training load and your performance on your workouts. For this reason, it's important to upload all your workouts to TrainingPeaks & to give me feedback (smileys and RPE) for each of your workouts.

I put all of the above metrics together into an individualized "fitness score" and "freshness score". It's these 2 scores that will help me decide what workouts to plan for you for the following week.

4. That's it!

Based on the above information, every week I'll crunch the numbers and compare your numbers from the week with your normal numbers and , based on that, I'll post the next week's workouts to your TrainingPeaks account. If you look closely, you'll see that the week prescribed here lines up with the scheduling constraints that the athlete provided above.

Because we're monitoring week by week, if something comes up that puts your training load a little below where initially predicted, the plan will adapt accordingly. Similarly, if we find you're adapting more quickly than projected to the plan, we can make it more aggressive. Having this flexibility 'built in' is the huge advantage of taking a dynamic, rather than a static, approach!

For more info, check out my FAQ