Training Plans: Frequently Asked Questions

What sports/events do your training plans cover? 👇

What level of athlete are your training plans for? 👇

The training plans cover all levels of athlete from novice to elite& weekly volumes of ~7 hours per week all the way up to 30 hours per week! As your fitness improves you will "graduate" to the next plan level. There are 6 levels in all:

  1. Health & Fitness
  2. Recreational
  3. Developmental
  4. Front Pack
  5. Top Amateur
  6. Elite/Pro

If you hang around long enough, you may work your way through all six levels :)

You can read more about the levels here

The workouts that you will see have been used by all levels of athlete that I have worked with including Kona Qualifiers, Professional triathletes & even World Champions!

What gadgets do I need? 👇

You will need

What factors do you take into account when planning my training for the week? 👇

I will take into account your...

...if these fields are present in your Training Peaks morning metrics. I suggest setting your metrics in Training Peaks as follows.

I will also factor in your session feedback from the previous week (your RPE ratings and workout 'smileys')

Please note: If you use ithlete as your HRV app and you have your ithlete synced to your Training Peaks account, these metrics will come across from your HRV app automatically.

My schedule is unpredictable and changes every week. Will this work for me? 👇

Yes, at the end of every week, you can modify your availability (both hours for each day and available sports for each day) for the coming week & I will take these limits into account when planning your training for the following week.

You can read some more suggestions on how to go about setting up your week here

What if something comes up during the week? Can I move my workouts around? 👇

Yes, while I will try and plan the workouts in a way that best distributes the training load over the week, if something comes up and you have to move the workouts around in Training Peaks, that's not a problem. When I pull your workouts down when planning the following week, I will plan from the position of what you actually did last week rather than the initial weekly plan. E.g. if I planned a 6 hour ride for Wednesday, but you did it Sunday instead, I'll know that you might be a bit tired on Monday of the following week :)

Are your workouts "power based"? 👇

I use power, heart rate and pace in the workout prescriptions depending on the nature of the workout and the time of the season. In the early "base" period, more workouts are heart rate based, then they become more power & pace based as we approach the "A Race"

What is this "readiness score" that I keep seeing at the start of each week in my TrainingPeaks? 👇

Every week, I take all of your morning metrics from the previous week (HRV, resting heart rate, soreness, stress etc) along with the session feedback (smileys and RPE) & I run them through an individualized algorithm that compares them with *your* long term averages to assign a "readiness score". This is a 0-100 score, with 100 indicating you're jumping our of your skin and ready for some serious load & 0 indicating you should be in bed :) I use this score to determine how many recovery days, loading days and BIG days to give you in that week. You can read more on readiness here

Do I need to take my HRV measurement every morning? What happens if I miss a day? 👇

I will look at both your most recent reading and your weekly average in planning your training for next week. So, if you miss a day or 2 during the week it's not a huge deal as I am taking the average. Of course, the more regular you are with data collection, the better your recommendations will be.

Do you include nutritional guidelines to support the training and help me with my body composition goals? 👇

YES! There is an included option for you to turn on nutritional guidelines to support your training, that is matched to your goals, your bodytype and your training load (volume and intensity) for that week.

Is there a minimum number of weeks to your plans? Am I locked in? 👇

No way! To make the billing process workable, plans are billed in 4 week chunks, but other than that, you can cancel or take a break at any time. I know, even with a flexible plan, sometimes life gets busy or we just need a mental break from structured work. Not a problem at all. You can keep your TP account attached so that when you're ready to start training more seriously for your next event , we can just hit the resume button at that point.