EC Swim Challenge 2017

EC Swim Challenge 2017

Every year we set aside a couple weeks to up our swim training from our normal levels. While doing so, we put together a game to earn points to encourage some friendly competition.

This year’s EC Swim Challenge will run from January 23rd to February 5th and workouts will be posted every day beginning January 22nd with 3,4, and 5K options. The only day we will not post workouts is Sunday (6 workouts/week in total).

Last year we saw a new swim game record set by Michelle Simmons who covered 77,727 meters in two weeks. You can find full details from last year’s game in our wrap up article from 2016.

In order to allow everyone to compete directly with one another, we offer three different categories to choose from:

Swimmers that average 2:00+/100 yd/m during their aerobic sets (i.e. 10 x 100 steady)
Swimmers that average 1:30-1:55/100 yd/m during their aerobic sets
Swimmers that average <1:30/100 yd/m during their aerobic sets.

The swim game will run from January 23-February 5; we will post a 3, 4 and 5K workout each evening (six days/week), but feel free to use your own workouts or join Masters. We are trying to encourage everyone to get in the water in any way that works.

Points for this year’s game are earned as follows:

1 point for 2K swim in one day

1 bonus point for 3K swim if you use 2:00+ base for your swim workouts
1 bonus point for 4K swim if you are a 1:30-2:00 base swimmer
1 bonus point for 5K swim if you are a sub 1:30 base swimmer (or sub one hour Ironman swimmer)

1 bonus point for 5 swims in a week
1 bonus point for 6 swims in a week
1 bonus point for 10 swims in two weeks
1 bonus point for 12 swims in two weeks

Additional bonus points will be earned for doing:

– 100m or yds for time
– 400m or yds for time
– 3, 4, or 5K straight swim based on the above swim speeds (2:00+, 1:30-2:00, sub 1:30)
– One additional point for completing all three challenges: 100, 400 and straight

To register and log your swims for this year’s challenge:

– Visit the 2017 Swim Game page
– Add your name, base pace and click the “Join in the fun!” button
– Add your swims by selecting your name, the date, the distance and time on your workout (and bonus point test set if completed) and click “Submit”

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