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How to Lose Fat with Core Nutrition

Recently, the New York Times wrote about the best time of day to train for fat loss. I’ll save you searching the article and let you know that it’s the morning on an empty stomach.


Nutrition: Eating for the Right Tool

Yes, I am a tool. Or I should say that my body is my tool.


Big Unit Ironman Fueling

It’s important to find an ironman fueling plan that is effective over the length of your race, at specific efforts and that fits your body composition.

Nutrition Training

Fueling a Training Camp

With EC’s recent Tucson camp fresh in my mind I thought it might be a good time to chat about one of the less considered elements in training camp planning: nutrition.

Health Nutrition Training

Big Man, Little Man, Old Man, Woman

Here, I am going to write about body composition, age and gender. Should be something to offend everyone…


Day to Day Nutrition – Staying Healthy and Lean

One of the most common questions I get asked is about nutrition: “How do I get as lean as I possibly can, live in my hectic life and have the energy I need to train and recover?”

Nutrition Racing

Establishing Your Race Nutrition Plan

One hot topic at this time of year is race nutrition — there is a lot of information out there and learning what works best for you can be difficult.


Body Composition: Managing My Assets

Ten years ago, I was 40 pounds heavier and sedentary. Every time my daughter shows her baby pictures I cringe. I believe running and later, at the suggestion of a friend, triathlon saved my health and eventually my life.


Nutrition in the Off-Season

During this period, it’s okay to take a mental and physical break and allow ourselves a few treats

Nutrition Racing

The Science of Race Day Nutrition

After months of training your heart, body and mind for 140.6 miles of swim/bike/run, GI shutdown is the last thing you want to end your day.