Lisa Roberts

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lisa-headshotI have a deep love of athletics, having been involved in team and individual sport since I was 9 years old, and I take great pleasure in motivating others to achieve their best. My formal racing career began in 1996 as collegiate distance runner in Illinois. Then after moving to Tucson, Arizona in 2000, I shifted from strictly running and became part of the triathlon and cycling community – I haven’t looked back since. I learned the sport by talking to others, reading, and most of all observing what highly experienced, successful triathletes were doing to be at the top of their sport. I started with sprint triathlons in 2002 and worked up in distance over the years – now having completed well over 100 triathlon races of varying distances all over the world. I am known for my perseverance. I am determined, strong-willed and believe in the power of confidence, patience, a positive mental state and momentum, particularly for endurance events. I integrate mental preparation into daily training for my athletes.

My coaching philosophy is based on fundamentals of building the entire athlete and creating an environment for education, discussion and allowing the athlete to grow. I create the larger training plan around clear goals and set intermediate goals and checkpoints along the way. This allows us to see where we’re going, where we’ve come and to make adjustments when needed. This approach makes regular communication with my athletes essential and is why I take on a small group of athletes to devote the proper time to each of them.

Although I continue to research and observe a variety of coaching methods, approaches and philosophy, I tend to avoid “fad” training regimes and “shock and awe” training loads or sessions. Instead, I focus on building a solid foundation while being very focused when intense, specific, hard sessions are needed. I understand and am flexible with the time-crunched triathlete needs – having owned a business, working full-time and racing as a professional. I am adamant about my training plans benefiting not just the athlete’s performance, but also their daily lives of work and family. Life balance is paramount.

I work with athletes who are beginner, developing and experienced competitors who are accountable, honest, motivated and serious about becoming better athletes… those who revel in success, learn from failures and enjoy the process!

  • Professional since 2008
  • 9:07.17: Ironman Personal Best, 4:10.35: 70.3 Personal Best
  • 7x 2nd Place Ironman/70.3 Finishes
  • 12x Top-3 Ironman/70.3 Finishes
  • 17x Top-5 Ironman/70.3 Finishes
  • 19x Top-10 Ironman/70.3 Finishes
  • 3x Ironman Hawai’i finisher
  • 4x Ironman/70.3 run course record holder
  • USAT All-American
  • European Cycling Guide
  • Entrepreneur/Consultant

To learn more about Lisa, you can visit her website. If you want to speak directly to Lisa, contact her via e-mail or follow her on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram @lisarobertstri.  In addition to personal one-on-one coaching, Lisa also has pre-built training plans available for purchase.