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EC Bike-MarilynYou can see articles, videos and more here at, as well as on my YouTube channel and my personal Facebook page 

I  work with athletes all over the USA and globally. I’m a professional coach who has been coaching for over 20 years. Coaching is my passion and full time job. My athletes achieve an assortment of personal goals, as well as qualifying for World Championships (70.3, Ironman, short course, duathlon worlds and Spartans). They have achieved #1 ranked amateur athlete in the world in Kona ranking points, multiple age group podiums and wins, and several USAT All-American titles. Many of these athletes secured podium positions in their races and USAT All-American Status.

My professional athletes have earned podiums and overall titles in Ironman races, Go Pro challenges, Spartans, duathlon, long course triathlon and short course triathlon.

I work with triathletes, duathletes, cyclist, runners, off road and adventure racers, Spartan racers, and conditioning for competitive CrossFit athletes.

I’m currently working as full time as a triathlon coach with Endurance Corner which I have been a part of since 2008. We are a team of collective coaches who support each other and have worked well together for over ten years.

I am the head coach for Endurance Corner’s camps, and I also coach with Robbie Ventura’s Vision Quest camps and with Cliff English at the Arizona State University NCAA Women’s Triathlon program.

I enjoy working with high achievers. I believe in providing a strong team support network, educating you as an athlete and guiding you on the path to your goals.

I have been involved in elite sport since I was 9 years old and my resume includes professional competition in three different sports: equestrian show jumping, cycling and triathlon.

As a child in Alberta, Canada, I began show jumping and quickly found myself on the international stage jumping at the grand prix level. By the age of 21 I was one of the youngest top show jumping coaches in Canada. I continued my career as a pro and coach with a trained stable of 30 horses and riders competing at a national level.

I started pursuing triathlons as an age grouper. Success came quickly. I became a pro triathlete in 2003, racing to podium positions at Ironman events around the world, including winning Ironman Malaysia in 2004.

While racing as a pro triathlete I was also competing as a pro cyclist. Beginning in 2000 I  raced many national and world level races including competing in the full NRC circuit, Canadian Road and TT Nationals, the Australian Road and TT Nationals, and the Women’s New Zealand Tour and World Cup. I’ve won stage races and several state championships in both TT and criterium racing.

I trained under some of the greatest coaches in the sport, including Ironman World Champion Scott Molina and world champion coach Brett Sutton, as well as top cycling coaches such as Kurt Innes. My experience with the top coaches has helped further develop my coaching style.

I’ve lived, raced and trained throughout the world including New Zealand, Australia, North America, Asia, South America and Europe. My appreciation and interaction with various cultures gives me a unique perspective and comfort level in working with clients based internationally.

I specialize in mental skills for elite athletes and am available for presentations, 1 hour workshops, and one-on-one mental skills for training and competing.

I have competitive CrossFit and competitive weightlifting experience. I am also a certified Iron Athlete coach and specialize in strength training for all level and types of athletes.

I am writer and contributor  for Endurance Corner, Triathlete Magazine, WISP sports,, Witsup radio and IM Talk.

My philosophy as a  coach is to create an environment that enables athletes to develop confidence in their abilities and to have opportunities to understand their tendencies while developing them to be their best in sport.

A teacher at heart, I enjoy sharing with athletes the knowledge I have learned over my career. A program should develop all aspects of an athlete progressively and with consistency, training the full spectrum that forges a complete athlete.

While I specialize in coaching elite age groupers and pro athletes, I also have a deep background working with beginners, developing athletes and experienced competitors taking on new challenges.

My philosophy is: “Give people the confidence, support, structure and education to go after what they want.”

If you want to speak directly to Marilyn, contact her via e-mail or follow her on Twitter @chychota.

In addition to personal one-on-one coaching, Marilyn also has some pre-built training plans available for purchase.