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G_headshotGordo Byrn

My athletic accomplishments are listed below but they are secondary to what makes me an effective coach. I believe the most relevant part of my athletic background is my journey from an obese “finance guy” to an elite athlete.

My athletic career started when I decided to go for a walk in 1993. That walk led me to my first season of triathlon (1999) and, eventually, to elite athletics (2001). Along the way, I logged a lot of miles and made many mistakes. This site offers me a vehicle to help you avoid most of the pitfalls that I discovered.

I have studied under the leading coaches in our sport: Scott Molina, John Hellemans, Dave Scott, Mark Allen and Joe Friel. What you will find here is a synthesis of my own experience with the teaching from these master coaches.

My preferred way to interact with athletes is shoulder-to-shoulder at the training camps that we host throughout the year. In my opinion, you will learn much more from a week spent living triathlon with me than just about any other investment you can make in your performance.

I am available for consultations at $275 per session including: running through your agenda via telephone, reviewing your notes as well as post-call follow up. I find the post-call follow-up is essential to make sure that we communicated effectively.

Athletic Highlights:

  • World Champion Ultra Distance (2002)
  • Multiple podium finishes at international races (2003/2004/2005/2006)
  • Swim, bike, run across America (2004) and New Zealand (2010)
  • Personal best of 8:29 at Ironman Canada (0:51 Swim, 4:48 Bike, 2:46 Run — 2004)
  • Co-Author Going Long (over 50,000 copies sold)