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Injury Prevention and Treatment Training

Taking Advantage of Injury

Being injured doesn’t mean you neglect your need to stay active.


It’s a Female Issue

I’m going to take a bit of a risk here and talk about the uneasy topic of female athletes and their monthly fairy godmother.


Sleep: The Fourth Discipline

Sleep has been making the headlines more and more as of late.


How to Lose Fat with Core Nutrition

Recently, the New York Times wrote about the best time of day to train for fat loss. I’ll save you searching the article and let you know that it’s the morning on an empty stomach.


Heart Questions from the EC Campers

One of the highlights of the recent EC Tucson camp was the chance to give an after-dinner presentation one evening on triathletes and heart health.


Nutrition: Eating for the Right Tool

Yes, I am a tool. Or I should say that my body is my tool.


Big Unit Ironman Fueling

It’s important to find an ironman fueling plan that is effective over the length of your race, at specific efforts and that fits your body composition.

Injury Prevention and Treatment Training

Walk Before You Run

A lot of good coaches recommend sending their athletes out for some long walks.

Health Training

Crushing Cramping

While placebos are effective for half the people I coach, I’ve taken a different approach with my own athletics. Today I will offer you practical tips you can take to improve your durability.

Injury Prevention and Treatment

This Too Shall Pass

If you are going to play hard, at some point you are going to acquire an injury.