EC Tucson 2017 Follow Up

EC Tucson 2017 Follow Up

We recently wrapped up our 10th annual Endurance Corner Tucson Camp. It’s hard to believe so much time has passed given the fact it only feels like yesterday that we rolled into Tucson for the first time 10 years ago. Every year, we make minor tweaks to the itinerary to help make this camp as effective and efficient as it can be for the athletes in attendance.

Some of the additions we made this year:

– Madera Canyon ride: Return via Helmet Peak versus traditional out-and-back

– Lemmon ride: Cookie Cabin as optional tack-on versus mile 21 turnaround

– Kitt Peak: Inclusion of Valencia Rd as part of route to divert around construction and also utilize new road/bike lanes

– Run to summit of Tumamoc Hill (steep!)

– Long run route: 10 and 12 mile hilly route options

– Yoga class: Post Madera Canyon ride and run for recovery

– Strength class on Friday with impromptu wall sit challenge!

– New presentations including a certified nutritionist as well as a coach/pro athlete panel night

– Some minor tweaks to roll out times and workout placements (i.e. morning Time Trial on day one instead of afternoon).

The athletes at this year’s camp varied in current seasonal fitness levels, but everyone showed a high level of experience. That being said, we had several athletes complete their longest rides (ever) not once, not twice, but three times within one week. And while this is an impressive feat, the more impressive observation is that all of them improved from one ride to the next, laying down their best days on the back half of the camp. Year after year, we have seen athletes break down barriers and create “new normals” with the inclusion of training camps. With the right level of support and training partners, athletes will always find the opportunity for progression.

Another great component of the EC Tucson Camp has been seeing veteran campers/athletes become leaders alongside the coaches. The experience and fitness of the stronger campers helps lift the whole group as they continually show guidance and support to new, developing athletes. Some of the best squads and teams are not just led by coaches, but by the athletes themselves. It has been a privilege to watch this happen amongst our athletes and we feel very grateful to have them as a part of our camps.

Our team is currently at work on making improvements to our 11th annual camp and we hope to see you there or at another one of our events down the road.

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