Cycling Challenge 2017 Wrap Up

Cycling Challenge 2017 Wrap Up

On Sunday, we concluded our second annual EC Cycling Challenge. We would like to give a huge shout out to Zeal Optics for making this all happen; for the past two years they have generously provided the prizes for our competition.

Throughout the years, Endurance Corner has had a long tradition of setting up various challenges, both internally amongst the team and publicly. The use of “challenge” provides the correct context to what we are trying to achieve with our athletes. We want to provide an opportunity for athletes to find themselves taking the next step, whatever that may be. As we have said before, if you found yourself motivated to do just a little more — ride a little longer, ride one more time, climb one more hill — then we believe the challenge has served its purpose.

This year we saw a new standard set across the board for our athletes. Below you will see this year’s winners. Thank you to everyone that participated and we will see you all again next year!



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