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How Fast Feels

While you might not know Kona-specific race pace, I’m going to share how fast feels.


Kona Benchmarks

I want to bring some of those numbers down to a rubber meets the road perspective so that we can begin to answer the most basic of questions.


Power-Based Race Simulations

I thought that I’d share how I build a power-based race simulation rides for ironman. It’s not particularly complex (at least to me).


Specific Preparation: Part 2

The main difference between training to qualify and training to compete is the workload of the key days and the spacing of the key workouts.


Overloading for Ironman Hawaii

Qualifying for Kona requires a lot of work and, even if you have all day to train, smart overload is an effective way to get better.


Specific Preparation: Part 1

Before we get into the specific workouts that I use to prepare an athlete for Kona qualification, let’s review the nature of the event.


Plan for the “Realist”

I’ve talked about the different improvement curves that I’ve observed for different types of athletes. I identified three basic athlete types: the natural, the realist and the worker. As part


What Type of Athlete are You?

I have noticed some interesting trends in how different athletes respond to different amounts and types of training.


Basic Base for Ironman Hawaii

I wanted to get into detail with practical examples of the specific work that is required to get you to Kona.

Planning Training

Your Kona Week

I’m going to step back from the technical detail and dig a little deeper into my statement that you’re looking at four hours per day, most days, of time commitment.