Some Workouts to Kick LoMo

I have an affinity for the East Coast, particularly Massachusetts. My dad grew up in a little town called Winthrop. As a kid we came to Winthrop every other summer to see family. Every time we headed over I felt a sense of home. I love the smallness of the town and how all my relatives live within a few miles of each other. So it is for all you East Coasters that I write this article. Getting hit with snowstorm after snowstorm and even something called “thundersnow” — I can only imagine it may make for some LoMo (low motivation). Here are a few workouts to give you something new as you continue to hit the treadmills and trainers.

Trainer Workout
Warm up 10-20 minutes, followed by 5-10 minutes worth of drill work

  • Drill #1 – Quadrant Drill – Divide pedal stroke into four quadrants and do each quadrant with each leg for 15-20 seconds. The leg that is not working stays clipped in the pedal.
  • Drill #2 – Single Leg Drill – One leg in pedal and one leg out of pedal — either on a chair or table. 20-60 second intervals each leg. Focus on eliminating the dead spot at the top of stroke by pushing toes forward in shoes at top.
  • Drill #3 – Alternating Leg Drill
    2′ alternate R/L every 20 seconds
    1′ alternate R/L every 15 seconds
    40 sec alternate R/L every 10 seconds
    20 sec alternate R/L every 5
    1 minute both legs
  • Drill #4 – High Cadence Spin Drills
    Start at 90 cadence and increase cadence by 5 every 5 seconds for 30 seconds.

Main Set
2-3 rounds of:
3′ at 80 cadence 80% FTP
6′ at 95% optimal cadence
4′ as 1′ at 110%, 1′ at 95%, 1′ at 110%, 1′ at 95%
2′ as 110%
3-5 minutes rest in between

Add a run of 1.5 miles after each round and now you are set up for a double / triple brick.
Options for the run:

  1. Mod-hard
  2. Mod-hard and increase grade 1% starting at 1% each 800
  3. Race effort

You can do this run workouts as a separate workout taking 2-3 minutes rest in between each 800.

Strength Circuit
Here’s a fun workout I have the Stanford Triathlon Team do before we hit the pool on our strength day. We have no access to a gym so this is a great workout you can do indoors with a small investment.

Get some bands and a mini band and do the following circuit.

Seven stations — all are 40s on and 20s off, four times through. If there are two exercises listed in a station, alternate those exercises by round.

Squat with bands (body weight squat – band around your knees)
Sit ups
Leg Raises w/band (do not let legs touch the ground)
Single leg deadlift (similar to T-pose – hold a soup can in opposite hand)
Mountain climbers
Russian twist
Push ups
Pull ups (if bar available)
Plank jacks with band (band around ankles, in plank position, legs go in and out)
Bridge with band (band around knees)

Say goodbye to LOMO and enjoy!

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