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Mind Training

Setting Yourself Up for Success – Part III: Mental Toughness

How do top athletes push through fear of failure or fear of success? There is only one answer.

Mind Training

Setting Yourself Up for Success – Part II: Workout Execution

I’m going to focus on the execution and mental toughness needed to have successful workouts.


Setting Yourself Up for Success – Part I: Consistency

Tips for setting yourself up for consistency in training

Planning Training

Understanding and Making the Commitment to be Consistent

This is a great time of year to reflect on understanding what a commitment to qualifying for a world championship really entails.

Mind Training

Setting Expectations: Racing After Defeat

Having a race that does not go well can take a toll on you mentally and if you’re not careful it can set you up for long term habits that are hard to break.


Should I Warm Up for a Race?

There was a time when 500 people at a triathlon was a lot of people. It would be fair to say it was a BIG race. At that time, you


Early Season Racing Should Be Individualized

We use early season racing for a few reasons.


Some Workouts to Kick LoMo

Here are a few workouts to give you something new as you continue to hit the treadmills and trainers.