Learning to Swim Fast

Learning to Swim Fast

helix_swimI started swim training at 30-years old and couldn’t break 2:00 for a 100.

By living what I share with you, I’ve swum 50-minutes for ironman; 20-minutes for 1,500 meters and won the 6.2 mile swim at Ultraman Hawaii.

You can learn how to swim fast.

Fast triathlon swimming is about having the fitness to choose, then stick with, the right competitor to tow you to your bike.

The best place to learn how to race-specific pacing and effort is in a group swimming environment, ideally in a 50-meter pool.

Apply three tips for your swimming this summer.

Choose The Right Group
Swim in the fastest lane you can lead and let someone else lead the early part of the workout. Even following, group workouts start “too fast” and you want to save your energy for a strong finish. I’ll warm-up one one lane “down” or wear a sleeveless wetsuit so I can have a relaxed start to my workout.

Achieve Continuous Technical Improvement
The best way to work on technique is arrive early and swim 600-1,600 relaxed with your best swim mechanics. Establish your form, before your workout begins. Most “warm-ups” are a confused mess of stressful athletes — good practice for race starts but a lousy place to settle your form.

On every single length, remember the Three Downs:

  • Look down
  • Forearm points down when you pull
  • Head down when you breathe

Build Stroke Endurance
If you lose form, slow your hands and keep your forearm pointing at the bottom of the pool.

If your program is working then stick with it.

There are three key messages here:

  1. Choose a lane where you can swim strong at the end.
  2. Keep your mind engaged.
  3. Technique counts, especially when tired.

I was second to last out of the water at my first triathlon. Persist! You can become a good swimmer.


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