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Managing Coach/Athlete Disagreement

I sometimes hear talk of athletes having a hard time with their coaches.


Learning from Success

Jack Daniels is a favorite of the coaches here at Endurance Corner and we model much of our physiological approach based on what we’ve learned from him.


Learning to Swim Fast

You can learn how to swim fast.


Beating Better Athletes

Here’s what I recommend if you want to breakthrough to the next level.


Fast Isn’t First

At the sharp end, it’s important to understand what’s required to have your best day. It’s also essential to understand the ways that you can beat yourself.


“No Pacing” Pacing

A few years back, I listened to Lisa Bentley explain how she paced a half ironman. Basically, her approach was, “Go as fast as I can until the finish line.”


Fast Age Group Racing

If you look under the hood at the fastest AG competitors, then you’ll find athletes with flexible lives that enable them to put training first at least some of the year.


Are You Wasting Money?

I was in Mississippi last weekend (this week’s photo) and we ended our camp with a session on coaching.


You Have a Choice

Recently, the New York Times published an article about the hearts of long term endurance athletes. The article was sent to me by an number of folks and, I’m guessing, that it was circulated widely in the endurance community.


Fit for Spring

I’d like to share some observations to help you set up your season.