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Managing Your Coach

Here are some ideas for managing your coach. I recommend that you print this out and run through these questions on your next call.

Injury Prevention and Treatment

This Too Shall Pass

If you are going to play hard, at some point you are going to acquire an injury.


Breakthrough Training: Four Key Lessons for the Serious, Frustrated Athlete

Those with big goals — Kona qualification, IM podium — simply can’t afford to take an ad-hoc approach any more.


Mental Toughness: A Physiologist’s Perspective

The brain has made a significant appearance in the scientific study of fatigue, a topic of particular practical significance for the ironman athlete.


Basic Limiters: Mobility

Mobility is kind of a catch-all phrase that incorporates all aspects of functional flexibility.


Basic Limiters: Work Capacity

I want to explore one of the most important and yet misunderstood abilities that is the prime focus of an athlete’s Base Period.


Basic Limiters: Strength

If there is one biomotor ability that sets athletes (from all sports) apart from non-athletes it is basic strength.


Fitness Attachment

A friend recommended that I spend a year releasing myself from the pressure to train all day every day.


Treadmill Quickness – Sustained Speed Training

Here’s a winter workout that will improve your quickness, give you a VO2max stimulus and enhance your running economy at all speeds.


Dealing with DNS

Two weeks ago, I hit a dog, at speed, while finishing off a ride in Tucson.