Return of the Big Steel Challenge

Return of the Big Steel Challenge

JD_pullup_0Our annual Big Steel Challenge kicks off on November 30 and will run for five weeks through the first weekend of January.

Now in it’s sixth iteration, the challenge is straightforward: track the amount of weight you lift for one month.

We host the challenge every winter (in December or January) for a few reasons:

  1. Key races are many months away.
  2. For many of us, it’s dark, cold and the days are short.
  3. A little friendly competition (and peer pressure) can help you avoid the temptation to skip workouts during the holiday season.

Some things to remember if you participate in the challenge:

  • Consult a physician for any health concerns you may have.
  • Have a professional look at your technique for any major or new movements you do in the gym.
  • If you have never tracked total lbs/kgs, don’t set any particular goals; work out as you normally would and make note of the totals as you complete sessions.
  • Lifting weights can be quite tiring, even in moderate amounts. Take that into consideration with your SBR training.

Join us by signing up HERE. The Big Steel Challenge officially begins on Monday, November 30. You’ll be able to start tracking your training on that day.

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