Gadgets, Gorillas and Brains

Gadgets, Gorillas and Brains

Athletes seem to be constantly seeking a million different ways to convince themselves to do the work they should be able to just do. There are so many gadgets, software, programs, and measurements for every single move. It’s like everyone has a constant need to be entertained.

Every good athlete I’ve ever known has some pure gorilla in them. They know their sessions, know their races, and go out there and get it done. You shouldn’t need to have 20 different gadgets telling you every move you make. Do you get bored easy or can’t focus? Well guess what, endurance sport is a game of concentration and the ability to endure. No amount of gadgets are going to help you have the tolerance for crotch burning, back on fire, blisters everywhere, cramping, salt chaffing, mind numbing persistence to just keep pushing forward to that edge by yourself. That comes from heart and plain old gorilla!

If you just can’t (or refuse to) learn to focus, perhaps you should consider a sport like soccer or a more interactive fast game. Endurance sport is a complete commitment to going to the edge and sitting there for hours on your own. Nothing is going to help you do that but your own pure inner strength.

I have heard a few great coaches say, “Some of the best athletes have an element of not being too smart.” What they mean by that is great athletes have the ability to not over-think things. Don’t get caught in the old saying, “Paralysis by analysis.” Get some gorilla in your game!

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