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Mind Training

How Not to Freak Out when You Analyze a Bad Performance

In every event we do, we go with absolute dedication to do our best. But there are the times when it all goes south.

Mind Planning

Approaching New Goals

I wanted to keep sharing with you some thoughts on how to approach new goals.


Why Not Me?

Hopefully this hits home for many in taking a chance.

Mind Training

Gadgets, Gorillas and Brains

Athletes seem to be constantly seeking a million different ways to convince themselves to do the work they should be able to just do.



As a coach, I often talk about the process of understanding your “why.”

Mind Training

Setting Yourself Up for Success – Part III: Mental Toughness

How do top athletes push through fear of failure or fear of success? There is only one answer.



Even though we can manage expectations in the rest of our lives, in our athletic goals, a lot of us have unreal assumptions.

Mind Training

The Art of Adventure Training Sessions

There is a piece of development that has nothing to do with numbers and structure.


The System

After watching thousands of triathlons and literally hundreds of ironmans over the years from every different perspective there is one thing that has always stood out to me.

Planning Training

Your Kona Week

I’m going to step back from the technical detail and dig a little deeper into my statement that you’re looking at four hours per day, most days, of time commitment.