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Plan for the “Realist”

I’ve talked about the different improvement curves that I’ve observed for different types of athletes. I identified three basic athlete types: the natural, the realist and the worker. As part


What Type of Athlete are You?

I have noticed some interesting trends in how different athletes respond to different amounts and types of training.


Endurance Physiology 101: The Basics

Gordo has asked me to compile a couple of concise, core articles that will give our readers a background in the endurance exercise physiology behind some of the triathlon terminology


An HRV Primer

I get it, you’re mildly curious about what all this HRV stuff is but not quite willing to pursue a Doctorate in the subject just yet.


Three Powerful Strategies to Incorporate in Your Season Plan

While it’s always good to look back on the past with a critical eye, it is equally important to celebrate the successes — the changes that we made this year that led to some breakthrough performances.

Planning Training

Three Times You Want to See Your Little Blue Line Take a Nose Dive

Athletes who use the TrainingPeaks Performance Manager Chart effectively have a potentially huge advantage over their competition in their ability to see the big picture at a glance.


Beyond the Fatigue Curve: Bringing Lab Testing to the Field – Part I: Fat Oxidation

As regular readers will know, I’m a big fan of using fatigue curves as an indicator of the relative top end power versus submax endurance strength of an athlete.


Breakthrough Training: Four Key Lessons for the Serious, Frustrated Athlete

Those with big goals — Kona qualification, IM podium — simply can’t afford to take an ad-hoc approach any more.


Mental Toughness: A Physiologist’s Perspective

The brain has made a significant appearance in the scientific study of fatigue, a topic of particular practical significance for the ironman athlete.


Basic Limiters: Mobility

Mobility is kind of a catch-all phrase that incorporates all aspects of functional flexibility.