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Heart Questions from the EC Campers

One of the highlights of the recent EC Tucson camp was the chance to give an after-dinner presentation one evening on triathletes and heart health.

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Swimming Off the Beaten Path – Bosphorus Cross-Continental Swimming Race

I recently returned from Istanbul, Turkey, where I swam in the 6.5-km Samsung Bosphorus Cross-Continental Swimming Race.


Spring Check-Up

I’d like you to add one more item to your early season check-list: a check-up. For you.

Health Training

Heart Rate Variability – Part 3: Available Tools

A variety of hardware and software tools are available for athletes and coaches who are interested in using HRV to help guide their training plans.

Health Training

Heart Rate Variability – Part 2: Application in Endurance Sports

I’ll share how and when to measure HRV and how HRV might be used to help guide your training.

Health Training

Heart Rate Variability – The Basics

In sports science circles, there has been a surge in interest recently in the use of HRV as a tool for monitoring athletes’ responses to training.


Heart Rate and Recovery… and Heart Rate Recovery (HRR)

As endurance athletes, we’re interested in measures of recovery — and particularly those measures that are quantifiable and might help guide our training schedules.


The Heart of the Matter

We’re triathletes. So we’re healthy, right?