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Swim Training

2016 Swim Challenge

Every year we set aside a couple weeks to up our swim training from our normal levels.

Strength Training

Steel Challenge Follow Up

We recently wrapped up another successful Endurance Corner Steel Challenge. Everyone did a great job of picking up heavy things and putting them back down again.

Planning Training

Understanding and Making the Commitment to be Consistent

This is a great time of year to reflect on understanding what a commitment to qualifying for a world championship really entails.


Consistent High Performance Racing

How do I race so much, race that well and not end up divorced and destitute? I use my favorite word: no.


Training Zones Summary

This article provides a good starting point for the basic physiological reasons behind the use of different levels of training intensity.


How Fast Feels

While you might not know Kona-specific race pace, I’m going to share how fast feels.


Kona Benchmarks

I want to bring some of those numbers down to a rubber meets the road perspective so that we can begin to answer the most basic of questions.


Power-Based Race Simulations

I thought that I’d share how I build a power-based race simulation rides for ironman. It’s not particularly complex (at least to me).


Specific Preparation: Part 2

The main difference between training to qualify and training to compete is the workload of the key days and the spacing of the key workouts.


Overloading for Ironman Hawaii

Qualifying for Kona requires a lot of work and, even if you have all day to train, smart overload is an effective way to get better.