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Riding in The Wind

Dealing with wind is a part of bike riding out on the open road.


Priorities for the Time Limited Long Course Athlete

It’s important to match your life with your goals.


Race Season Prep

Race season is fast approaching for most of us. There are some key things you need to start to thinking about.


Sleep: The Fourth Discipline

Sleep has been making the headlines more and more as of late.

Mind Training

Setting Yourself Up for Success – Part II: Workout Execution

I’m going to focus on the execution and mental toughness needed to have successful workouts.

Lifestyle Videos

Long Term Progression

What does long term progression mean?


Couples and Training

How many of you train with a partner or maybe you got into sport to do something together with your partner?


2016 EC Swim Challenge Follow Up

How did our 2016 EC Swim Challenge go?


Setting Yourself Up for Success – Part I: Consistency

Tips for setting yourself up for consistency in training


Swim Challenge 2016 Workouts

Daily workouts for our 2016 Swim Challenge