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Should I Warm Up for a Race?

There was a time when 500 people at a triathlon was a lot of people. It would be fair to say it was a BIG race. At that time, you


Pre-Race Protocol

Tips to get things together before race time.


The Golden Rules of Going Long

Over my coaching career, I have been in contact with many athletes who are contemplating their first crack at the IM distance. Their goals are very similar-they want to finish the race.

Nutrition Racing

The Science of Race Day Nutrition

After months of training your heart, body and mind for 140.6 miles of swim/bike/run, GI shutdown is the last thing you want to end your day.


Eat Like a Hobbit

I like to eat like a hobbit. Even on my lower volume days, I’ll aim to eat four meals throughout the day. On my highest volume days, I will get up to eight meals a day.


Training Nutrition Hierarchy

My training nutrition hierarchy mirrors my workout duration.

Nutrition Racing

Hot Racing and Nutrition

Here’s what I have learned from successfully racing in some of the hottest events on the long course triathlon circuit.


Eat to Perform

As an athlete, I frequently get asked a variation of two questions: What supplements do you take and what does your diet look like?


Getting Down to Race Weight

If you read my first two nutrition articles (Real World Weight Loss and Ten Tips for Weight Loss and Performance) you are probably expecting something pretty intense for my final


Ten Tips for Weight Loss and Performance

Ten tips to apply to get you to a healthy weight