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Nutrition in the Off-Season

During this period, it’s okay to take a mental and physical break and allow ourselves a few treats


Our Favorite Workouts: Fast Twitch Fun for the Off Season

As you head into the fall and start to rest up, I think it’s a good idea to look at some fun winter things to improve yourself as an athlete.

Bike Training

Our Favorite Workouts: VO2max Intervals for Power and Speed – Cycling

If you’re getting the long sessions, maintaining strength and recovering well week in and week out, the next step in your race season might be to include some good solid speed work.

Bike Training

Our Favorite Workouts: Race-Specific Long Ride

A key session that should be a staple in your final prep for your key event is the long ride with quality sets.


Race Execution: The Art of the Taper

I have watched, listened and tried most different types of tapers over the years.

Bike Run Training

Workout of the Month: The Long Brick

The long brick is very specific to long distance triathlon. If you are preparing for a half or longer, it’s a good workout to include once every two weeks or 10 days.


What’s My Potential?

One big part of understanding your potential in triathlon is looking back at what you did all through your childhood. I can talk a lot about this subject but I’d type forever — I’m just going to stick with my hardest challenge: swimming.

Bike Training

Our Favorite Workout: High Cadence/Smooth Pedaling

Most people realize there is skill development in swimming, but many just hop on their bikes and don’t ever learn the basic skills to become a better cyclist.

Planning Training

Early Season Build

Tips for starting your season

Bike Training

Our Favorite Workouts: The Double Ride

The double ride is a great way to get your volume up and get a good amount of quality into the day’s riding.