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Real World Weight Loss

These are the first steps that I took in order to begin my transition towards a healthier lifestyle.

Injury Prevention and Treatment

Rib Rehab

Rib injuries pop-up fairly frequently in our team. Here’s how to move past them.

Injury Prevention and Treatment

Biomechanical Fitness

how do you avoid the common scenario of breaking out as the Chinese New Year super-stud and end up as the subsequent Easter train wreck? You have to establish your biomechanical fitness.


The Urge to Tinker

Now that summer and the racing season are in full swing, you’re probably feeling pretty good.


The Heat is On

I live in the Memphis-metro area and we are in the middle of summer. That means daily temperatures of 90 F or greater, morning humidity of 95-100% and heat indexes


Smart Season Planning

Understanding smart season planning will set you up for success.


Planning Your Season… A Different Perspective

Dave Latourette lays out an approach to planning your season.


History and Reflection

Reflecting on your past year is the only way to set up a successful next year.


Controlling Pre-Race Anxiety

Tips for setting yourself up for a great race day.


Choosing Your Triathlon Coach

Tips for choosing a coach