Are You Wasting Money?

Are You Wasting Money?

EC_Miss_HeatI was in Mississippi last weekend (this week’s photo) and we ended our camp with a session on coaching. My talks are always geared about three points that the audience can apply on Monday morning.

Here’s my take on triathlon coaching!

Coaching Doesn’t Make You Faster
Hiring a coach, and paying $1,500 to $12,000 per annum, will not make you faster.

Training makes you faster.

Before hiring a coach, see if you can follow a simple, basic week fifteen weeks in a row. Aim for half of what you think you need and focus solely on one thing — “some form of physical activity every day for 105 days.”

105 in 105 is surprisingly tough and absolutely essential.

You Are Not Limited By Information
I’ve worked with triathletes of all shapes, sizes and experience levels. None have been limited by information.

I add value by helping people:

  • Simplify
  • Understand patterns of self sabotage
  • Reinforce the need for recovery
  • See when actions and goals are out of alignment

Be careful with confusing noise with wisdom. Crowds are more loud than informative.

When you get a chance to speak with experts, focus on what is common between them. This is tough to do! Your mind will gravitate towards differences. Keep pulling yourself back to the common themes and build them into your daily habits.

When you find a really good idea, make it a habit starting today. One habit at a time, give it 15 weeks to settle in.

Here’s a suggestion: train every morning.

Every Thought You Have Slows Your Recovery
If you have a burning desire to improve then simplify your life.

The easiest way to “just train” is attend a camp.

Until we step outside our existing routine, it is difficult to see how much energy we waste by over-thinking and dealing with the noise that we’ve created with our habits.

This summer, take a seven-day break from technology. You will be amazed at the increase in energy. If you think you can’t do it then you really must do it!

If you spend money then use it to create space for what matters to you. The results we get are most strongly linked to the work we perform.

Simplify, create space, do work, persist.

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