Fit for Spring

Fit for Spring

Petro_TucsonGiven the depth of the winter this year, many athletes are feeling behind. Behind last year, behind where they’d like to be, behind their competition…

…with that in mind, I’d like to share some observations to help you set up your season.

It’s mid-March and I’ve completed three training camps — I’m not behind. In fact, I’m ahead of most everyone reading this blog. That’s a good thing (for me) because my first season ends on April 2.

Most of you have early season goals that are targeted four to eight weeks after me. When considering your next phase of training, apply what’s worked for me.

For January to March, I did three “big weeks.” Each block was a little bigger than the one before and followed these goals:

  • Double my average training load from the previous four to six weeks, primarily through bike load.
  • Leave room to go higher by doing a little less than I think I need.
  • Gradually bump all durations of my bike power curve by improving everything from five second to two hour power performances.

If you schedule a big week, an easy week and a couple of normal weeks — each month — then you will be able to naturally build an increase in load and fitness. Once you set your schedule “pick and stick.”

Highly motivated athletes wreck themselves from cramming in extra when they are feeling good. If you are feeling good then stick to your plan because it’s working!

Most people “get it wrong” with their easy week — they postpone it until they are totally flat. In order to get the most from your overload, you need to be bouncing back in three to five days. Your recovery will show your how well you are doing with your overload.

If you repeat this pattern in each of April, May and June then you’ll be in outstanding shape by summer. At that stage, you can race, take a break, or insert a specific preparation block — depending on your season goals.

If you feel like you are a bit behind then know that’s where you want to be at this time of the year.

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