Our Favorite Workout: Running Into the New Year

We’ve all had a bit too much to eat, a few too many treats and are ready to transition from holiday mode to work mode with our triathlon goals. Hopefully you’ve kept some frequency ticking over with your running amongst the holiday cheer and kept the weight gain within reason.

Volume, low heart rate and base should all be part of your thoughts and training this time of year, especially with running. Aiming for new volume targets is going to help you achieve some new run performances in 2011. Backing up good consistent volume for many weeks in a row is key.

If you’ve been hitting some good consistent, low heart rate volume, for the last four to eight weeks successfully and feel it’s time to add in one session per week of “work,” then this is the session I recommend this time of year.

  1. Run easy on the flat for 15-30 minutes to warm up.
  2. Choose a hill that has a 4-6% grade. Run up the hill in good form — little steps (no bounding) for 90 seconds. Jog back to the bottom for recovery.
  3. Repeat this 10-20 times.
  4. Jog back home 10-20min to cool down on the flat road.

Let the hills be the work. There’s no need to force or push for all-time high heart rates or speeds; just focus on good form, strong legs and allow the hill itself to be the work.

If weather is bad or footing is bad then you can do this session on the treadmill.

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