Our Favorite Workouts: Extended Tempo Trainer Session

Most of the Northern Hemisphere population right now is stuck indoors for at least two more months. That means riding the trainer if you are committed to your upcoming season. Some will say winter is time to build your base… while most are stuck inside. Those two statements don’t really go together.

In my opinion, if you’ve successfully completed a cycle or two of strength endurance work and high rpm neuromuscular work on the trainer or rollers the next step through these winter months is some extended tempo work once per week.

The workout
Notes: Effort is 80%, rpm 85-95, on your race bike in your race position.

  1. Warm up easy for 10 minutes
  2. 3x (45 seconds right leg single legged pedaling / 45 seconds both legs / 45 seconds left leg)
  3. 2 minutes easy
  4. 4x 1 minute where you build your HR to 80% with 1 minute easy between
  5. 5 minutes easy spin
  6. Main Set – Consecutive workout progression can look something like this:
    • Start with 3x 5 minutes with 5 minute recovery between
    • 2x 10 minutes with 5 minute recovery
    • Progressing up to 6x 10 minutes with 5 minutes easy between each

When you add this session to your week be sure to keep one strength endurance session and one high rpm session. That totals three sessions indoors per week at up to two hours in total. Coupled with your running, swimming, gym and a cross-training session such as hiking, snowshoeing, skate skiing will make for a great January and February build.

In my many years in winter I’ve never seen the need to sit on the trainer for five hours at low heart rates. You get a sore butt and not much fitter. Save the miles for the road when you can really make use of them.

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