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Building Your Triathlon Team

If you want to be your best, you’ll need to build a team to help you.


Using Technology

A primer on understanding the best ways to use technology to improve


The Urge to Tinker

Gordo shares some straightforward advice to help you avoid undermining all the work you’ve done this season


Thinking I’m One Behind

There is nothing quite like a big increase in stress to flush out any weaknesses in our overall approach.

Health Lifestyle

Countering Bad Advice About Exercise

The extreme exercise debate has popped up again with a Danish study noting that strenuous exercisers might not have a mortality rate statistically different than the sedentary people.


Two New Things

Each winter I try to find a couple of new things to try in the upcoming year. We had our Boulder Coaches Clinic last month and I found my two tweaks for 2015.