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Bike Training

Our Favorite Workouts: The Double Ride

The double ride is a great way to get your volume up and get a good amount of quality into the day’s riding.


History and Reflection

Reflecting on your past year is the only way to set up a successful next year.


Controlling Pre-Race Anxiety

Tips for setting yourself up for a great race day.


Our Favorite Workouts: VO2max Intervals for Power and Speed – Running

Insert this running workout to boost your run speed and power

Bike Run Training

Our Favorite Workouts: The Long Brick

A key workout for every long course triathlete: the long brick

Bike Training

Our Favorite Workouts: High Cadence/Smooth Pedaling

A cycling skill development workout from Coach Marilyn


Early Season Build

Tips for planning your early season

Injury Prevention and Treatment

This Too Shall Pass

If you are going to play hard, at some point you are going to acquire an injury.