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Sue Aquila-1Sometimes it rains.

Six months ago my best friend Ann was diagnosed with stage II breast cancer. To most people, this would be catastrophic. It was.

Despite the cancer, Ann was ready to implement her plan of attack. Why? Because a couple of years earlier her adult son, Zachary, died after developing multiple lymphomas. Ann is an excellent student and applied the lessons she learned from her son’s cancer to her own.

Ann knew that it rains and she was prepared. How? By being fit in every way possible.

Her fit list:

  • Physical. Ann is not a triathlete but she is an active athlete and exercise is an important part of her life.
  • Relationship. Ann and her husband always put their relationship first. They provide it with constant care and feeding to continue to grow as a couple.
  • Financial. Ann is a successful business owner and her family’s “CEO.” She makes sure that her family has sufficient operating capital, rainy day funds, fully funded retirement, no debt and health insurance.
  • Professional. Ann knew how to find the leaders in the field to quarterback her treatment. She knew that having the best also meant having to tell local docs “no” when they disagreed with her cutting edge treatment plan.
  • Spiritual. Ann doesn’t have a church or a religion per se. She does have a deep connection with everything and “no thing” around her. This connection of love gives her strength.

I am happy to report that Ann has finished her chemotherapy and radiation. Is she cured? To quote her physician, “you are only cured of cancer if you die of something else.” Ann’s amazing attitude, sense of humor and love of life remain intact. Now she is experiencing the recovery period after a grueling training plan of chemotherapy and radiation. The crucible of cancer treatment can affirm the desire to live in ways you don’t anticipate.

Chances are, if you are reading this article, you are already a super fit triathlete or you are on your way to being one. Congratulations. Today, you are in a small percentage of the population that is not obese or ill. This is no small accomplishment.

Now ask yourself if you are prepared for the rains?

  • Relationship. How is your primary relationship? Do you focus on it? Do you provide the figurative and literal “care and feeding” necessary to keep it vibrant and strong. Is your loved one your best friend? Do you conduct “state of the unions” to take your relationship temperature and adjust course?
  • Finances. Are they in line with your goals? Are you ready for the “rains.” Do you have cash on hand for emergencies? Are you planning and saving for retirement? If your retirement is fully funded you deserve a huge congratulations. Most people are entirely unprepared for the last 20% of their lives.
  • Professional. How are your team members? Do you find the best people to help you reach your goals? Coaches? Physicians? Are you willing to do the research, ask the right questions and have the strength to say, “NO!”
  • Spiritual. How is your connection to something larger than yourself? Do you need it? Do you know what it is? Do you nurture it?

One of the things I have truly enjoyed about our Endurance Corner team is that my teammates are much more than very good to elite triathletes. I think Gordo as our leader/coach does a great job of setting the stage that performing well in our sport is not enough.

A fulfilled life is about being a high performer in every aspect of our lives; as partners, parents, friends, professionals, and people. It is too easy to shut out everything else and become good at one thing. Professional sports is littered with the life wreckage of singular focus.

At Endurance Corner I feel the conviction to be better people, to strive to create and design the life that is fulfilling in every way. Triathlon is the EC team tool we use to understand the process. Surrounding myself with people who set the example and are willing to share how they have achieved their fulfillment is worth far more than the training plan.

When we are fit, we are prepared for the rains and we can truly enjoy all of our sunny days.

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