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It’s a Female Issue

I’m going to take a bit of a risk here and talk about the uneasy topic of female athletes and their monthly fairy godmother.


Sleep: The Fourth Discipline

Sleep has been making the headlines more and more as of late.


Plenty of Excuses

This year I have noticed some creep into my life. Not an actual creep but more like commitment creep!


Heart Questions from the EC Campers

One of the highlights of the recent EC Tucson camp was the chance to give an after-dinner presentation one evening on triathletes and heart health.

Health Training

Crushing Cramping

While placebos are effective for half the people I coach, I’ve taken a different approach with my own athletics. Today I will offer you practical tips you can take to improve your durability.


All About Health

I have a keen interest in how I fool myself and one of my most common rationalizations for excessive exercise is personal health.


Fit Pregnancy Revisited

The purpose of this article to present an option for athletic moms to consider with their approach to pregnancy.


You Have a Choice

Recently, the New York Times published an article about the hearts of long term endurance athletes. The article was sent to me by an number of folks and, I’m guessing, that it was circulated widely in the endurance community.

Health Lifestyle

One Last Ride – Longevity & Wellness

Having been around the sport for over a decade, I have had the opportunity to watch athletes, friends and coaches navigate (or not) the transition from athletic excellence to personal wellness.


The Gambler

Soon the most dangerous time of the year will be upon us. Why is spring so dangerous? Because winter and a lack of daylight prevent us from doing anything really stupid!