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Iron Distance

Ironman Texas

Our course profile for Ironman Texas – updated for 2017

Half Iron

Mercuryman Triathlon

Our course profile for the Mercuryman Triathlon


Cheating Cheating

This last summer I had an opportunity to run with a group of age group triathletes. They pointed out that our sport was riddled with cheaters and dopers.


Plenty of Excuses

This year I have noticed some creep into my life. Not an actual creep but more like commitment creep!


Nutrition: Eating for the Right Tool

Yes, I am a tool. Or I should say that my body is my tool.


Consistent High Performance Racing

How do I race so much, race that well and not end up divorced and destitute? I use my favorite word: no.

Lifestyle Planning

Your Kona Push: Big Season Planning

In 2011, I aged up to the women’s 45-49 year old age group. My family and my support team decided 2012 was the year to push for a slot.


Up and Over

If you are a triathlete, chances are you have raced on some hilly courses.


Unlimiting Progress

I think the key to my progress through the years is acknowledging my strengths but focusing on the things holding me back.


Blow it Up

My tendency when I write my articles for Endurance Corner is to keep it positive and moving forward. This one is headed in a different direction.