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Training Isn’t Hard

I’ve been extremely fortunate to live and train alongside champion athletes. While they may say that training is “hard” — when I watch them in action, it sure looks like a lot of fun.


The Win in Winter

I’m in the fortunate position of watching how successful people deal with the ups and downs of life.


Beyond Talent and Motivation

Having worked with hundreds of good athletes, I’ve been thinking about the characteristics that appear unique to the handful of great athletes that have come into my life.


A Question of Attitude

Retraining our minds is the single greatest thing that we can do for self-improvement. However, it can be challenging to rewire decades of neural pathways and habits.


Mind Lessons from the Far East

Spinning the title around, and considering Marakami-san’s introduction, I came up with:What I think about when I talk about myself.


Race with Honor

As I gain more experience in sport, I become more familiar with the way people cut corners. Sport mirrors life — the folks that cheat in life are often the one’s that cheat in sport.


Performing at Ironman Hawaii

With the results of our team fresh in my mind, and my inbox humming with the Kona Dreams of top triathletes, I thought I’d revisit the topic but focus on what it takes to perform on the Big Island.

Lifestyle Training

Lessons From Coaching Your Competition

One of the most interesting things about being inside Endurance Corner is access to the case studies from our highest performing amateurs.


Tight Body Secrets

I thought that I’d revisit the key nutrition areas to remember as we head into the holiday season.


Living Undercover

When we look at our daily actions, what do they tell us about our beliefs?