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Gettin’ Some

Each of us will create our own lives. You might as well do it right, in your own style.


Throwing Down in Sweden – OtillO

Last Monday, my workout was 21 islands, 40 transitions, 10K of swimming and 55K of running. A good friend and I raced down the Swedish archipelago as part of Ö TILL Ö.


South Pacific

The trip was a first step in reclaiming my personal freedom and it made my wife feel special.

Lifestyle Training

500 Miles

Three years ago, a wealthy friend of mine noted, “While I live better than you, you seem to enjoy the way you live more than me.”

Bike Lifestyle

Ride More

For most of June and July, I was experiencing a persistent calling to “ride more.” The strange thing is that my training load has been far above what I need to be healthy/happy.

Lifestyle Planning Training

Going Fast

In a limited time situation there will always be the temptation to do every session as fast as you can.


Fast at Forty

There are lessons that we can learn from watching how the best amateurs organize their lives.


Mental Conditioning

If you look deeper at my recent articles, you’ll see they are about where psychology meets performance. Put simply, some people can handle pacing/nutrition and others can’t.


Fundamental Principles of Pace

I am going to share some ideas on the most common training errors that I see when training alongside folks.


Big Jobs

Triathletes, as a demographic, share an attraction to Big Jobs. I can remember the first time I ever heard about an Olympic distance race… “You swim a mile, then ride 25 miles then run 10K. That’s insane!”