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Authentic Living

I’m prone to a mental trap of telling myself that I deserve to stray from what’s required for me to achieve my goals.

Health Lifestyle

One Last Ride – Longevity & Wellness

Having been around the sport for over a decade, I have had the opportunity to watch athletes, friends and coaches navigate (or not) the transition from athletic excellence to personal wellness.

Lifestyle Planning

Goals and Potential

When I ask myself, “What if I don’t achieve it?” the answer is nearly always, “So what?”


Expressing Your Potential

I want to share ideas on the role of genetics in sport.


The Gambler

Soon the most dangerous time of the year will be upon us. Why is spring so dangerous? Because winter and a lack of daylight prevent us from doing anything really stupid!

Health Nutrition Training

Big Man, Little Man, Old Man, Woman

Here, I am going to write about body composition, age and gender. Should be something to offend everyone…


Live Free or Die

One of my earliest mentors warned me about the dangers of being a one-legged stool — the three legs being work-family-self.


Quality in Your Long Ride

If you are starting to think about racing this spring, adding good quality work to your long rides is key.

Planning Racing

Make or Break Your Race by Planning Right for Travel

It’s key to map out your plan with your travel and logistics to have things run smooth leading up to race day.

Bike Run Swim Training

Our Favorite Workouts: Speed Work

If you find yourself getting “slow,” remember there needs to be a certain amount of speed and power in your plan all year.