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Three Degrees of Planning

The concept of an annual training plan or strategic plan is great… in a perfect world. The world is rarely perfect.


Twelve Tips for Your Next Triathlon

12 tips to try at your next race

Lifestyle Planning


Mentors in my life have helped me to greater heights

Lifestyle Planning

Seven Steps to the Top of Your Age Group

I have embraced these seven principles to move up the field.


Measuring Success

About half way through a workout it hit me that changing how we measure success is as important in triathlon as in business.


Race Awakening

My greatest challenge is to not think about the eventual decline.


Letting Go

Letting go requires a serious leap of faith. In exchange of letting go, you receive the gift of time.

Health Lifestyle

Are You Fit?

Are you becoming as fit as possible?

Lifestyle Planning

Triathlon Outsourcing

As winter begins to move on, this is a perfect time to outsource the distractions in your life to focus truly on the things that are important: your family, your health (a nice euphemism for training) and your work.

Lifestyle Swim

Low Hanging Fruit

In triathlon, simplicity exists. We play in three sports: swimming, cycling and running. Where is my low hanging fruit?