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All About Health

I have a keen interest in how I fool myself and one of my most common rationalizations for excessive exercise is personal health.


Fit Pregnancy and Childbirth

On October 14, Monica gave birth to our daughter Alexandra (she’s the one in the photo above). Seeing as I’m the writer in the family, I will share some observations across the last ten months.


Fit Pregnancy Revisited

The purpose of this article to present an option for athletic moms to consider with their approach to pregnancy.

Health Training

Fast Responders versus Slow Responders: The Health Factor

While we can’t do a whole lot to change our genetics, there is another factor that dramatically affects how we respond to training over which we have much greater control.

Injury Prevention and Treatment

Functional Flexibility

The early part of the season is the perfect time to work on all of those “little extras” that tend to fall by the wayside once the hours of SBRing start to creep up.

Nutrition Training

Fueling a Training Camp

With EC’s recent Tucson camp fresh in my mind I thought it might be a good time to chat about one of the less considered elements in training camp planning: nutrition.

Injury Prevention and Treatment

Improving Your Recover-Ability

One of my main interests over the last year has been teasing out the impact of both fitness and fatigue on performance.


You Have a Choice

Recently, the New York Times published an article about the hearts of long term endurance athletes. The article was sent to me by an number of folks and, I’m guessing, that it was circulated widely in the endurance community.


Tight Body Secrets

I thought that I’d revisit the key nutrition areas to remember as we head into the holiday season.

Health Lifestyle

One Last Ride – Longevity & Wellness

Having been around the sport for over a decade, I have had the opportunity to watch athletes, friends and coaches navigate (or not) the transition from athletic excellence to personal wellness.