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The Gambler

Soon the most dangerous time of the year will be upon us. Why is spring so dangerous? Because winter and a lack of daylight prevent us from doing anything really stupid!

Health Nutrition Training

Big Man, Little Man, Old Man, Woman

Here, I am going to write about body composition, age and gender. Should be something to offend everyone…


Day to Day Nutrition – Staying Healthy and Lean

One of the most common questions I get asked is about nutrition: “How do I get as lean as I possibly can, live in my hectic life and have the energy I need to train and recover?”

Injury Prevention and Treatment Lifestyle

The Long Road to Recovery

At the start of 2008 I was on an easy ride, lost focus for one second and got caught up in a wheel. Before I knew it I was on my ass on the ground.

Nutrition Racing

Establishing Your Race Nutrition Plan

One hot topic at this time of year is race nutrition — there is a lot of information out there and learning what works best for you can be difficult.


Rebooting Your Health for Next Season

Preparing the next season starts now with a focus on being as healthy as possible for the big weeks of training ahead.


After Your Big Race: Recovery and Reboot

This is the first year out of my five years in triathlon that I have actually needed to recover and reboot. Why?

Health Lifestyle

Are You Fit?

Are you becoming as fit as possible?


Body Composition: Managing My Assets

Ten years ago, I was 40 pounds heavier and sedentary. Every time my daughter shows her baby pictures I cringe. I believe running and later, at the suggestion of a friend, triathlon saved my health and eventually my life.


Nutrition in the Off-Season

During this period, it’s okay to take a mental and physical break and allow ourselves a few treats