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Lifestyle Planning

Goals and Potential

When I ask myself, “What if I don’t achieve it?” the answer is nearly always, “So what?”

Planning Racing

Make or Break Your Race by Planning Right for Travel

It’s key to map out your plan with your travel and logistics to have things run smooth leading up to race day.

Lifestyle Planning

Goals and Your Life – Do They Match?

Reaching goals doesn’t come by accident. It comes from clear planning and a real connection with what it takes to achieve those goals.


Choosing a Race Calendar to Suit You

Many of us are starting to look at the race calendar for next season.

Lifestyle Planning

Find Time to Get Fast

The more time you have to train the faster you’ll get.

Planning Training

The Basic Week

If you are looking for some kind of direction for the season and are not in a position to hire a coach to tailor things to your needs then I suggest setting up a basic repeatable week.

Mind Planning

Reaching Your Goals

The single most important lesson I’ve learned over 23 years of elite sport is to always focus on the process.


Setting Up Your Best Season Ever

I’ll offer a few things I consider important to putting you in the right direction for a great year.


Three Degrees of Planning

The concept of an annual training plan or strategic plan is great… in a perfect world. The world is rarely perfect.

Lifestyle Planning


Mentors in my life have helped me to greater heights