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Lifestyle Planning

Seven Steps to the Top of Your Age Group

I have embraced these seven principles to move up the field.


Letting Go

Letting go requires a serious leap of faith. In exchange of letting go, you receive the gift of time.

Lifestyle Planning

Triathlon Outsourcing

As winter begins to move on, this is a perfect time to outsource the distractions in your life to focus truly on the things that are important: your family, your health (a nice euphemism for training) and your work.


Four Habits of Successful Triathletes

Anyone that spends a lot of time in the kitchen knows that there are three types of cooking: using a recipe, using a formula or winging it.


The Doing of Your Season Review

“The doing of the doing is why nothing gets done.”

Planning Racing

Heat Wave: Crisis Management

How do we apply business crisis management to triathlon crisis management?


Race Execution: The Art of the Taper

I have watched, listened and tried most different types of tapers over the years.

Planning Training

Early Season Build

Tips for starting your season


The Golden Rules of Going Long

Over my coaching career, I have been in contact with many athletes who are contemplating their first crack at the IM distance. Their goals are very similar-they want to finish the race.


The Urge to Tinker

Now that summer and the racing season are in full swing, you’re probably feeling pretty good.