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Embrace the Off

Tips for maintaining a healthy life balance


The Battle Against Complacency

Tips to avoid becoming complacent with your training and racing


Boulder Bound

A bit about Boulder as a location to train and live

Lifestyle Training

If I Could Just…

Time management tips for squeezing in a little extra work

Lifestyle Planning

A Season without Rhyme or Reason

How do you determine a season’s success or lack thereof? It probably involves going faster or placing better at one or more races throughout the past year. I’m sure there


Up and Over

Advice for approaching hills… in races and in life


When Your Coach is Wrong

Great businesses and great relationships require friction.


Triathlon is Boring

Don’t get me wrong, I love training. I love racing. I even love watching other athletes competing.

Health Lifestyle

Countering Bad Advice About Exercise

The extreme exercise debate has popped up again with a Danish study noting that strenuous exercisers might not have a mortality rate statistically different than the sedentary people.



A few years back, I insisted the production side of our business move to measuring in the metric system. Why? Accuracy. There is a reason drug dealers measure in grams.