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Rebooting Your Health for Next Season

Preparing the next season starts now with a focus on being as healthy as possible for the big weeks of training ahead.


After Your Big Race: Recovery and Reboot

This is the first year out of my five years in triathlon that I have actually needed to recover and reboot. Why?

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Are You Fit?

Are you becoming as fit as possible?


Getting Down to Race Weight

If you read my first two nutrition articles (Real World Weight Loss and Ten Tips for Weight Loss and Performance) you are probably expecting something pretty intense for my final


Real World Weight Loss

These are the first steps that I took in order to begin my transition towards a healthier lifestyle.


I’m Young, I’m Fit, What Could Happen?

Simple tips for what you should ask your doctor and follow up on annually


Spring Check-Up

I’d like you to add one more item to your early season check-list: a check-up. For you.

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Heart Rate Variability – Part 3: Available Tools

A variety of hardware and software tools are available for athletes and coaches who are interested in using HRV to help guide their training plans.

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Heart Rate Variability – Part 2: Application in Endurance Sports

I’ll share how and when to measure HRV and how HRV might be used to help guide your training.

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Heart Rate Variability – The Basics

In sports science circles, there has been a surge in interest recently in the use of HRV as a tool for monitoring athletes’ responses to training.