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Kona Qualifier: Rob Mohr

Looking at one athlete, and his journey, can lead to many lessons that we can all learn from.

Mind Training

Setting Yourself Up for Success – Part II: Workout Execution

I’m going to focus on the execution and mental toughness needed to have successful workouts.

Lifestyle Videos

Long Term Progression

What does long term progression mean?


Couples and Training

How many of you train with a partner or maybe you got into sport to do something together with your partner?


Cheating Cheating

This last summer I had an opportunity to run with a group of age group triathletes. They pointed out that our sport was riddled with cheaters and dopers.


2016 EC Swim Challenge Follow Up

How did our 2016 EC Swim Challenge go?


Be a Great Competitor, Not Overly Competitive

What leads athletes to knowingly break the rules and cheat to reach a goal? I think the answer is a bit of ego and being overly competitive.


Plenty of Excuses

This year I have noticed some creep into my life. Not an actual creep but more like commitment creep!


Setting Yourself Up for Success – Part I: Consistency

Tips for setting yourself up for consistency in training


Swim Challenge 2016 Workouts

Daily workouts for our 2016 Swim Challenge